Tote-ly Prepared: Packing your Tote for Class

Hello, World.

Life is a bit hectic at the moment, as I am ending Resident Advisor training, and beginning classes (tomorrow!). With RA stuff in full swing, it’s hard to properly prepare for actual classes starting. I have a to-do list sitting on my desk, and one of the items is “pack bag for class,” because I always want to make sure I have everything I need the night before so I can just grab it and go in the morning. Thinking about what to put in my tote, I thought it’d be kind of fun to share what I typically put in my bag for the first day of class (otherwise known as syllabus day).

how to pack a tote for classGlasses | Reading a syllabus closely requires good vision, so don’t forget your glasses!

Laptop | If you have odd breaks between classes, catch up on emails or update your calendar. Also, some professors allow you to take notes during class, and if anything major is covered the first day, you’ll want to note it!

Chewing Gum | Not only for good breath, gum can help alleviate any nerves you may have about your first day.

Notepad and Binder | You’ll likely get handouts during the first day, you’ll want to put those into your binder, and you may want to jot down some important things your professors say (such as office hours, phone numbers, class rules, etc.).

Pencil Pouch and Pens | Pens are a must, but make sure they don’t get lost in your tote! Put them in a pencil pouch in order to ensure you can access them quickly during class.

Planner | Take your planner that first day so you can put important dates and deadlines straight from the syllabus into your planner so they don’t sneak up on you once the semester gets moving.

So, there you have the items that always make it in my tote for the first day of classes. What do you typically pack?


Callie leigh

One thought on “Tote-ly Prepared: Packing your Tote for Class

  1. I packed just about the same thing, minus my laptop, but I’m going to start taking it around! I find it’ll be easier to not have to go back to my room all the time to get homework done!

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