Best Planners for School

Hello, World.

Back to school promotions and shopping is in full swing. I shared my favorite bags for returning to college recently, and today I wanted to share my favorite planners. When you go back to school, your planner essentially becomes your life. It’s where you track big assignments, plan events, and coordinate meetings. I always tell people, “If it’s not in my planner, it won’t happen,” because my planner is the place where all my things go. So, I gathered a little round up of the planners that I think the do the best job of juggling a lot, and tracking commitments easily.
planners for 2016
Planners are super important, so they have to be functional, but they can also be cute! The planner I use is the Passion Planner, which is just black leather (and I added a monogram!). Some of the planner pictured above, though, are so cute. I always want to buy seven planner whenever I first start shopping because there are so many fun options.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner | Kate Spade Planner | Planner | Blue Planner | Kate Spade Planner | Vera Bradley Planner | Gold Foil Planner | Barnes and Noble Planner

One that’s not pictured, but that I really love, is the new A Beautiful Mess academic planner! SO SO cute! I’d get the floral print, if I didn’t already have a planner.

Callie leigh

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