Best Bags for Back to School

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As the new school year approaches, it’s nice to start thinking about school supplies, and more specifically, what bag you’re going to use to tote around your books. I rounded up my favorite book bags to inspire you. I used a tote all through high school, returned to a backpack my first year of college, then went back to a tote my sophomore and junior years. Backpacks are great if you have back-to-back classes, but I personally find totes more functional for my lifestyle (lots of meetings, classes, and the need to access my planner quickly on the go). When I’m walking around campus, I feel like I constantly run into people that ask me questions, and totes make it easier to find what I need to answer their questions. So, regardless of what’s better for you, go ahead and check out my list of go-to bags!

best bags for college by bottled creativity blogMadewell Transport Rucksack | Madewell Transport Tote | Kate Spade Blush Tote | Longchamp Tote | Vera Bradley Tote | Tory Burch Backpack

One of the best accessories for a new school year is your book bag, so make sure you choose one you love, and one that is durable, and will protect and support your books, notebooks, and pens!

Callie leigh

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