Polka Dot Vibes

Hello, World.

I head back to school on Sunday, and I am in no way ready. Between trying to pack, finishing the reading I need to get done for my thesis, and trying to set up LSAT studying for the school year, I feel like this year is already stressful and it hasn’t even started yet. I’d typically have two more weeks to finish this stuff, but I have to go back to school early for RA training. Anyway, in light of my major stress, I figure I’d distract myself with an outfit post.

I bought this LC Lauren Conrad dress while shopping for my twenty-first birthday. I originally was going to wear it on my Napa trip, but ended up buying some dresses that were a little younger and more…festive. However, I plan to wear this dress regularly, as it’s super comfortable! Also, I asked for gold Jack Rogers for my brithday, and I got them, but Nordstrom sent me the wrong size, so I had to exchange them. Now that I have them, though, it was worth the wait. They’re quickly becoming my favorite sandals, and I’m so excited to style them for the end of this season (and next Spring).
LC Lauren Conrad dress LC lauren conrad polka dot dresslc lauren conrad polka dot dress LC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot DressLC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot DressLC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot DressLC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot DressLC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot DressLC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot DressDress: LC Lauren Conrad | Purse: Coach (thrifted) | sandals: Jack Rogers | necklace: Bauble Bar | watch: Michael Kors (rose gold version) | rings: Kate Spade

I’m so excited to wear dresses more frequently this season. I feel like dresses make for such easy outfits, and are cooler than shorts in the summer (especially when the temperatures are in triple digits).

What are you wearing to beat the heat?


Callie leigh

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