What No One Tells You About College

Hello, World.

Entering college is a scary time. Most people hear the highlights from friends and families’ college experiences, so college seems like the best four years of everybody’s lives. The grim details, the hard truths, they’re not always known. Sometimes you get clues, sometimes not. This post is dedicated to the misconceptions about college. I’m highlighting areas that some people may not touch when they talk to you about college.
10 things i wish i knew about college1. You may not be best friends with your roommate. A lot of people don’t click with their roommates. So long as you can co-exist, you’ll be okay. Just accept that this isn’t a movie, so you won’t necessarily be inseparable from your roommate. If anything, it’s healthy to have time apart!

2. Professors WILL notice if you don’t go to class. People tell you you don’t have to go to class in college because professors don’t care. This is a fallacy. If you go and participate regularly, professors take note, especially in small colleges.

3. Drinking isn’t always the norm. Some people do, some people don’t. Those who do don’t always. Don’t feel pressured to do so.

4. The dating scene is hard to navigate, and serious relationships are rare. Casual dating makes life difficult. Most the time people are just “talking,” whatever that even means. Some people are in relationships, but most people are just coasting, trying to figure it out.

5. You might get a lower grade than you think you deserve. College professors are harder than high school teachers. Some professors grade really hard. Sometimes you end up with a grade you disagree with.

6. Not all your high school friends will stay in touch with you, and you may not stay in touch with them. And that’s okay.

7. No one really cares who you were three months ago. Your high school self? No longer relevant. You have a chance to make an impression with who you are right now.

8. There will be people who judge you for things you never even realized were part of you.

9. You don’t have to have school spirit all the time. It’s okay to question or disagree with aspects of your school.

10. It’s okay to be nervous about college life. You don’t have to just feel excited. People always ask, “are you so excited for college?” You’ll nod yes or even scream it, but you may not feel comfortable saying, “yes, but I’m also nervous.” Remember: almost everyone has some nerves about college.

What do you want to know about college? What did you learn about college if you’re already there?

Callie leigh

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