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Hello, World.

Lately I feel like I need to be inspired on daily basis. Well, I always want to be inspired, but for the past few weeks being inspired to accomplish a lot feels like work. I don’t wake up ready to set the world on fire. Enter Pinterest, otherwise known as the site that inspires and fuels creativity for all users. I love Pinterest, and I continually exit the site feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle a major project. With studying for LSAT, planning my hall decor for my RA position, and reading for school already, I’m feeling like my summer is entering mundane territory. It’s hard to spend all day cooped up in my office working on LSAT prep. While I enjoy the material, the natural world is so much more appealing, especially when I’m often staring at my family’s beautiful backyard (complete with a pool!).

So, I don’t know how your inspiration tank is lately, but feels almost empty, so I thought I’d share some quick little images that are bright, airy, and fun. Just looking at them make me feel happier and lighter. I hope they help you feel a little more inspired today and every day!

8b26e4553580584fee0465e42ebeaedf6c421ef8b167c552451c5faea958723434eb2427a23f4dd9ea5e6637390cc8515daf250f822d01bfd6a0c415f8d374f1d62b30d454da47c7d1b69c7cc2648353a2e6631bce6c2fa83c49abf8be8345d1All images above are from my Pinterest! Right now I’m really into flirty, feminine, clean vibes. Oh, and as always, positive vibes only! The final photo is currently inspiration for how I hope to style my (LAST) dorm room.

Callie leigh

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