I’m Turning 21

Hello World,

This year’s birthday is a little more special than the last few because… I’m turning 21! I’m so excited to finally be 21. I’ve waited 21 years to drink, and I’m excited that this year I can just go out to dinner with friends and have a glass of wine if I want to. I’ve compiled a fun little collage of items I’d like to have in my 21st year. Not necessarily gift ideas, just stuff I think would be good to have. Even though people say you’re an adult at 18,  I feel like 21 is when most people actually feel like a real adult. Something about being able to order a drink in public, I think makes people feel actually mature and sophisticated. Anyway, here is my list of adult, sophisticated things (wink face, because that was cheesy).

it's myy 21 birthday The three posters are from different shops on Etsy. I want to make a gallery wall in my dorm room this year, and they feel classy and feminine! Gilmore Girls quote poster | Dress like Jackie, Act like Audrey, Party like Gatsby | Reading is Cool

I really want some wine items, like monogram wine glasses and maybe a decanter. Since I’m a Resident Advisor, I don’t plan to keep it in my room, but I’m thinking two of my best friends will let me keep them in their apartment for when I have nights off! Also, a cookbook dedicated to cocktails? Sounds fun!

I’ve wanted a 50 mm lens for my camera for a while, but this year I really want to work on my photography skills, so I think I might finally make the investment in a good camera lens.

Travels mugs are my favorite, especially during the school year. The Kate Spade cup pictured above seems perfect for trips to the library, and would last me through law school.

You can never have too many shoes, but Jack Rogers, and these adorable white Kate Spade shoes are sophisticated and comfortable looking. I’m really trying to re-vamp my wardrobe so it’s more mature and more versatile. These two shoes seem perfect for doing just that.

Quote paperweights are the perfect accessory for my last year as an English major undergraduate. What more can I say?

As this year I will be completing my thesis, applying to law school, and graduating, my plate is pretty full. I’m also a Resident Advisor and Co-Chair of Academic Honor Council. So, essentially, I am very busy. Hence why this aqua phone case is perfect!

As for the sweater, I have a sweater problem, and this one has elbow patches. I mean, of course.

Anyway, I’m excited for my birthday! My family and I are going wine tasting in Yountville.


Callie leigh

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