Fourth of July at the Cabin

Hello, World.

I know it’s a little late, but I wanted to share a couple snaps of my Fourth of July Outfit. I spent the holiday at my family’s cabin, and while the trip was enjoyable, the weather wasn’t. On the 3rd, there was a huge storm, and it flooded the beaches, resulting in contamination of the water. Due to this, the beaches were closed on the 4th, making celebrating a bit tougher. Everyone was pretty bummed we couldn’t go to the beach, and since this a tradition, it didn’t totally feel like the Fourth when we were sitting inside or spending the day NOT on the beach. But we made the best of it, and we still wore our red, white, and blue, and watched the firework show. Overall, it was a good holiday, just minus the weather. I found this dress at Francesca’s at the end of the school year, and was super excited to wear it. I thought it was perfect for where I was spending my holiday.
fourth of july outfit 2015fourth of july outfit 2015fourth of july outfit 2015fourth of july outfit 2015
dress: Francesca’s | shoes: Converse Shoreline | bag: Coach (thrifted) | necklaces: Gift from my Mom!

What’d you wear on the Fourth?

Callie leigh

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