DIY: Family Photo Wall

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I just got home from spending the weekend at my family’s cabin. It was such a relaxing time. My sister and her fiance came up for the weekend with their jet ski, and we spent all of yesterday at the beach. Something I wanted to share today, however, is my favorite wall in our cabin: the family photo wall. This wall is above one of our couches in the living room, and is a focal point, as well as a good memory wall. I just love it, and the family chose which pictures to use, then put them up together.
Family Photo Wall DIY
Family Photo Wall DIY bottledcreativity.wordpress.comFamily Photo Wall DIY
This wall was fairly simple to make. To begin, find all photos that you may want to use, and decide if you’re going to leave them in color, or need to convert them to black and white. We had a lot of disposable camera photos in the mix, so I scanned them onto my computer, and then converted them to black and white. There may be a simpler way to do this conversion, but this is the method we used.

Family Photos (enough to fill the wall)
Frames (of different colors, textures, and sizes)
Quote board or other center item
Nails (the smaller, the better: less holes in the walls)

Begin by framing all photos. Once all photos are in frames, begin doing a rough layout of the frames either by laying them on the ground, or by using construction paper cut to each frame size, and taping the construction paper to the wall where the frame will go. Once this is finished, begin putting nails where the frames should go. Rather than haphazardly placing nails in the wall, I suggest measuring out and marking where each nail needs to go, or using the construction paper method. Once all nails are in the wall, begin placing frames. If you used the paper method, once the frame covers the paper, remove the paper. Once all frames are hung, you have your family wall!

Do you have a favorite family project from your house?

Callie leigh

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