Floral Shorts

Hello, World.

If you remember, or are just starting reading my blog, navy is my go-to color. However, this summer, I’m trying to get some summer clothing that’s more colorful. After a trip to Kohl’s, I think I was somewhat successful in this! This outfit is way more colorful than I’m used to, but I also really like it. I’m currently at my family’s cabin, and totally loving it. I begin my LSAT prep this week, but it’s fun to just relax with my family in the mountains.
floral shortsfloral shortsfloral shortsfloral shortsfloral shortsfloral shortsfloral shortsfloral shortsshorts: Kohl’s | shirt: Kohl’s | purse: Dooney and Bourke (consignment) | sunnies: Nordstrom | sandals: Steven Madden

I absolutely love my new sandals, and Kohl’s really surprised me. I found so many cute things! Usually i have trouble with fit because I”m so tall, but I ended up finding quite a few things I now love. The new style of sandal that seems pretty popular right now is seriously so comfortable. I wasn’t sure about the single strap, but I love Saltwater sandals, and these are actually pretty similar, but just a tad simpler.

Callie leigh

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