Summer Style Staples

Hello, World.

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus! It was unintentional,  I promise you. It’s currently the weekend before finals commence, and the chaos lately is difficult to manage. Tomorrow marks a week until move out for summer vacation, and I’m counting the hours! I’m so so ready to be home. In light of summer approaching soon, I wanted to share my summer staples as far as fashion is concerned. I plan to spend most of my time divided between LSAT prep and beach going (with gym visits in the morning). I’m so excited for this summer!

Summer Staples A Pop of Color in a Wallet | When I’m at the beach, I usually pack a wallet in my beach bag simply so I have cash in case I want to get a snow cone or something, but also so I have my license for when I drive to and from the beach. The new Kate Spade scallop wallet is currently on my mind, and I think it’s totally perfect for summer!

A One Piece Swim Suit | So, I am well aware that I am 20 years old, and the proper attire for a 20 year old, in theory, is a itsy bitsy bikini, but to be honest, I’m pretty old fashioned, and I”m pretty modest, so the bikini thing doesn’t work for me. I hate having to walk up and down a beach to and from the water half naked. Not to mention the hassle of trying to go jet skiing or something, and being fearful I’m going to lose part of my swimsuit if I fall. So, this year, I’m opting for a classic, chic one piece. Call me old, but I personally think one pieces can be really fashion forward, and unique!

Sunnies | I guess sunglasses are always a must during summer, but I LOVE this style in particular for summer 2015.

A Good Sun Hat | I’m am always promoting the importance of a good sun hat, maybe it’s because I’m pale, and have to protect myself or I am a lobster by the second day of sitting in the sun. Sun hats can be so stylish, and so fun to wear on the beach! I’m all for finding a good hat!

A Good Beach Read | Okay, maybe not fashion related, but a good beach read should ALWAYS be in your beach bag!

A Chambray Dress | There is nothing more summery than a chambray dress. This seems so light, and so appropriate for warm weather, and also great for strolling through a farmers market, or getting lunch with a friend.

Jack Rogers Sandals | Still on my summer wishlist. I really want to invest in a pair! These are the ultimate summer sandal.

A Great Leather Bag | I am a firm believer that the best summer bag is a leather one. This Madewell bag is perfect for running errands on a hot day, hanging out downtown, or going to the park.

Seersucker Short | I love the seersucker pattern, and I think this pair of light blue and white shorts are just divine. Perfect for the beach or grabbing an iced coffee with friends.

The Boyfriend Denim Short | I try to find a good boyfriend short every summer, and usually come close, but never quite get the pair I really want. This pair is so cute, and has just the right amount of rip. I would definitely suggest these as the staple pair of shorts in your summer wardrobe.

What are your summer must-haves?

Callie leigh


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