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Hello, World.

So, following Spring Break I had no intention of going home until the end of the semester, when move out occurs. However, I’ve recently had some family stuff going on, so I decided to go home for the weekend. Despite all the family reasons for my going home, I also just really needed a break from school. That may sound weird since spring break was only two or three weeks ago, but the thing is: sometimes you just need your family. I’ve been feeling really stressed out and a little down. I plan to do a post about one of the reasons I’ve had a tough year, but I’m saving it for the end of the semester for reasons that’ll become clearer in May. Anyway, this weekend I drove home with my friend, Erica, and we just hung out with my family and went around town. It was fun to play tourist for the weekend in my hometown, and it was so wonderful seeing my family. I miss them already! I thought it would be fun to share a few snapshot of my weekend.
Work it, COVERGIRL. Just kidding. This was just me being silly when Erica and I were snapping photos around Chico State for this blog post.
Madison Bear Garden known as “The Bear” is one of the bigger burger places/bars in Chico, and when my dad went to Chico State he really like the burgers. He’s told me for years that I really need to try the burgers, but I never got around to going. When I told him I was coming home for the weekend, he made a point to take me for a burger. It was so good! Like honestly, best burger I”ve had in a while.
Sophie is still the cutest puppy ever. She recently got fixed, so she had a little inflatable doughnut around her neck so she couldn’t itch her stitches. Then my mom put a baby tee shirt on her and tied it with a hair tie so the stitches were protected. She look so weird! Actually, Erica and i were saying she looked like Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles! Sophie looked so cute, but she was so displeased with all the extra gear! IMG_0640This weekend was so relaxing and great. I’m a little bummed to be back at school just because I miss my puppy and family, but I”m looking forward to ending the year with a bang before my last real college summer. I cannot believe junior year is almost over!


Callie leigh

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