J. Crew Flared Skirt

Hello, World.

As I grow my wardrobe, I try to buy more skirts. I’ve always been someone who typically sticks to short and jeans, skirts and dresses are a little scarce in my closet. It takes me a while to decide on what style of skirt I want to purchase next, but the J. Crew flared skirt is one I wanted for a while, but never actually purchased. About a month ago, the skirt was on J. Crew factory and had an extra 40% off. I finally went ahead and bought it. I knew I had a few different ways I wanted to style it, and knew it would be great for all seasons (just add tights in the winter!).
J. Crew Flared Skirt J. Crew flared skirt J. crew flared skirt J. Crew gingham shirtj.crew gingham shirtJ. Crew skirtJ. Crew skirt IMG_3145IMG_3143IMG_3144
skirt: J. Crew Factory // top: J. Crew factory // shoes: Sperry Topsiders // purse: Thrifted

I love this skirt, and I’m excited to wear it this spring and summer! I’m so ready for summer break. I’ll be spending my summer studying for the LSAT, but I’m also excited to be able to have a brief hiatus from school and the nonstop stress that encompasses it.

Callie leigh

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