Lilly For Target Haul & Review

Hello, World.

As anyone who loves a spring-y pattern, preppy vibes, and weekends at a Southern resort may know, today was launch of Lilly for Target. The line launched at 3am Eastern Time, and was sold out almost an hour after. I had my top four items in my basket when the site crashed, leaving me frantic and annoyed. I had three awesome shift dresses waiting for me to enjoy, but the site crashing meant I couldn’t get them because they were already gone by the time I checked back on the site. The pants I wanted and a cute blouse weren’t sold out when I checked the site at 4:30 am (after going to sleep at 2:30), so I bought them as quickly as possible. In a frantic attempt to still get the shift dresses, I drove to the Target closest to my school at 8am…and it was totally wiped out. Gone. Done. I was super disappointed, and then I had a thought. My parents live in Northern California, where there is a Target, and a rather low demand for Lilly Pulitzer. So, I called my mom and kindly asked her to check the Chico store for my top three items. When she got there, there were actually items left!! She ended up getting me flip flops, one of my top choices in shift dresses, a second dress, and a floral top. Honestly, I was shocked that that much was even left. SCORE. I thanked my mom a billion times over the phone as she checked out of Target with my merchandise in hand. I guess there really is an upside to going to school away from home: you have access to two different Targets in two totally different locations (and that appeal to different demographics). Thank goodness for the low demand of Lilly in Chico! Anyway, I wanted to share what I got!
Lilly for Target HaulI absolutely love everything I got, and feel so happy to have gotten anything! Everything from the line was adorable, so you couldn’t really go wrong. While I am bummed that I didn’t get two of the dresses I wanted (they were way too popular), I was happy that I got what I did. However, I do feel it’s a little crazy how quickly the line sold out. What I found utterly annoying was not the limited amount of product, or the leaks that happened within Target, but the people buying items!! The people who bought items solely to sell them on Ebay for a 400% markup really frustrated me. The entire point of the Lilly for Target line was to meld classic, amazing fashion with affordable prices. To buy items JUST to put them on Ebay is greedy, selfish, and really against the spirit of Lilly and Target! Honestly, if you see the line on Ebay, don’t be tempted to buy it! For the prices that the people are charging, you could honestly just buy a full-priced Lilly Pulitzer item. Don’t let the greedy people win!

That being said, the Lilly for Target line was great, and I’m so happy for the people who were able to get something. For those who didn’t get your top items, I know it’s a bummer, but hopefully we’ll have another opportunity to get cheaper Lilly in the future! For those who bought the entire store (for their personal use), job well done. The collection was awesome, so thank you to Target and Lilly Pulitzer for this collaboration!

Did you get anything from the Lilly for Target line? What was your experience?

Callie leigh

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