When Things Are Going Right

Hello, World.

A lot of people offer me advice when things are going wrong, or want me to talk about my feelings when things are getting hard, but very few people encourage us to talk when things are going right. Things going right isn’t that rare, and often when good karma is flowing, it can be difficult to embrace the good vibes and just keep living the way you want. However, when things are going right, it’s important to just enjoy life and be thankful for all the great things happening.
when things are going right
We often have a hard time accepting that things are going right… or maybe I just do that… but I don’t think so. Questioning when thing after thing is going right is the same as questioning when thing after thing is going wrong. It can start to feel like something bad is coming if nothing bad has happened in a while. Have no fear, however, because despite this feeling… things are going right and you needn’t question it! When things are going right do three things: accept it, embrace it, and live your life!

Accept it. When things are going right, it can take most people a while to just accept it. Accepting that things are working in your favor, however, is a huge part of accepting that you’re doing something right and that you can stop stressing for a bit.

Embrace it. Once you figure out that things are going right, embrace that fact! Don’t let fear or uncertainty get you down. Embrace it, and wear your new found confidence around!

Live your life. After you’ve become confident in your abilities, and embraced that things are going well, keep living your life the way you are! If things are going right, it’s likely because you’re doing something right! Enjoy the moment, and start living it up!

I’m a bit of a pessimist sometimes, so I have trouble letting go of stress and enjoying that things are working out. While things have gotten me stressed lately, I’m currently embracing that my classes are going really well, I am re-hired as an RA, and I am truly happy with where I am and where I’m going. I’m embracing the positive vibes, and letting go of the negative vibes. I hope you can do the same!

Callie leigh

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