Tune Diaries: April 2015

Hello, World.

It’s absolutely crazy to me that it is already April, and that we’re just about halfway through! It feels like I just started junior year, and now it’s almost over (though I AM SO HAPPY). Life is interesting right now. I love making playlists for each month because I usually tailor them to my current mood, state of mind, or just general likes. This playlist has some positive vibes, which I both have and feel like I need more of! I’m so blessed, and really looking forward to the things to come! I’m so excited for this summer because I’m going to be studying for the LSAT, blogging full-time, and spending time with my family (which I’m desperate to do). Anyway, here are my tune diaries for APRIL:
april 2015
You can listen along HERE. What’s your favorite song right now?

Callie leigh

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