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Seeing as it is close to the end of March, I’m sure many of you are looking for summer jobs, internships, or jobs for next school year. A large part of applying for any job is the interview. If you want to land a job, you likely have to rock the interview. The most important part of any interview is your answers to the questions, but first impressions are also vital. You need to look the part. Am I saying you can’t get the job if you don’t dress how I’m recommending? No, but it might help if you dress nice. I’ve put together three outfits that I think are GREAT for interviews, and are outfits I’ve worn countless times in the last 3 years. I think the key to a good interview outfit is showing who you are while still being professional and classy.
interview outfit
If you’re especially nervous for an interview, and are looking for the comfortable option, I would recommend a fun colored blouse (preferably with a ruffle), and the minnie pant. For those who don’t interview regularly, wear flats! Flats are comfortable, and help ensure that if you’re really nervous, you won’t trip or stumble. To an interview, take your most briefcase like handbag, filled with gum, hand sanitizer, your best lip color, your resume and letters of rec (if the interviewer doesn’t already have these items). Also, always always always remember a watch! You do NOT want to be looking at your phone for the time when you arrive at an interview. A watch also implies you don’t rely on your phone for telling time, which is good for professions where phones aren’t typically allowed in meetings and such (which is most).blouse // minnie pant // handbag // earrings // watch // flats interview outfitWhen you feel really confident, or at least want to portray a confident exterior, I always like a pencil , and peplum blouse. the Top is fun and girly, which will show off your girly side, but the pencil skirt is business-oriented, and professional. I would wear my monogram, some stud earrings, and a nice watch. Carrying a fun but serious bag will also add a little personality to your look. For this look, I think a nude pump is best.blouse // skirt // pumps // earrings // watch // necklace // handbaginterview outfitFor the most classic look, and a slightly more sophisticated interview look, I’d recommend a peplum dress. For this look, a white and black pump will give you a touch of Audrey Hepburn confidence. A nude bag also adds sophistication to this look. Don’t forget your watch, and a cute colored droplet earrings.dress // watch // earrings // handbag // pumps
I love all these looks for interviews, but I think it is important to pick the best look for who you are. If you’re more fun and girly, look two is probably best. If you’re nervous and want casual, look one is best. If you’re a seasoned interviwer, and want a little push of confidence, look three is probably best.

What do you typically wear to interviews?

Callie leigh

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