6 Ways I’m Vowing to be Healthier Everyday

Hello, World.

Something I’ve struggled with this year is stress. I feel like last semester I was so ridiculously stressed I could hardly function, and this semester I’m still really stressed, but I’m managing my stress more effectively. However, one thing that’s really be getting me if my eating and exercise schedule. I really don’t exercise as frequently as I want to, and I often have to skip meals, which leads to me shoving in something unhealthy in an attempt to eat before heading to another meeting or event. Since I’m hypoglycemic, I have to make sure I eat throughout the day, but lately that’s proved difficult, and I often end up eating something higher in sugar to try to keep my blood sugar up, but it ends up backfiring. So, I’m pledging to start making time to exercise more and eat healthier. I have six small ways I plan to start being healthier, and I am hoping to build upon the six items throughout the next year.
6 ways to be healthier everyday
1) Drink MORE Water : My goal is 54-64 ounces a day. Right now I don’t drink enough water, and I really need to up my intake.

2) Sleep More : I’m hoping to get 6-8 hours of sleep a night if possible. Sometimes homework will get the best of me, but when I can, I’m going to stop looking aimlessly at my phone, and go to bed earlier.

3) Cut Down Sugar Intake : I’m going to try to cut out all unnecessary sugar. I hope to stop eating candies, and only get sugar through natural methods (like fruit instead of gummies).

4) Cut Down Coffee Beverages : My goal is 1 latte or mixed coffee drink a week, 1 cup of coffee a day or less, and unlimited mint and green tea

5) Only Eat Red Meat Once A Week : I am trying to cut down on my red meat because I don’t really eat a lot of it anyway, but I usually feel better when I stick to fish and chicken.

6) Workout 20-30 Minutes a Day : The new rec center at my college just opened, and the facility is SO nice. I want to try to start working out more because summer is coming soon, and because I just feel generally better whenever I work out consistently. My other goal is to do two longer workouts.

How do you practice a healthy lifestyle?

Callie leigh

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