Pink Flowers and White Bows

Hello, World.

The weather in the Bay is rather inconsistent lately. I cannot decide what to wear anymore because I’m either burning up or freezing cold. Last weekend, however, the weather was super warm. It’s weird seeing people walking around campus in mid-February in shorts. I’m not quite to the shorts level, though I did get a chance to wear this adorable skirt. Today is rather cold, but I’m hoping the weather gets a little warmer again in the next few days. Also, can I just say that this beret is so cute? This outfit would be perfect for grabbing a latte and writing outside, or taking a stroll in the local park. Something semi Parisian, perhaps?
IMG_2897black floral skirtIMG_2903IMG_2904IMG_2898
top: Forever 21 // skirt: PB & J Boutique // flats: Nordstrom // suitcase: thrifted // beret: thrifted

I really adore this outfit, and I feel like I’m ready for some warmer weather. I’m also ready to drink a fancy latte at a cute, outdoor cafe and write. With all the leadership roles I have, and the work load of a full class schedule, I hardly ever have time to journal or do any creative writing. The lack of time for that makes me sad, and I hope to begin making more time to write for myself in the future. Anyway, I adore this outfit! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

Callie leigh

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