Stationery and Coffee

Hello, World.

Do you ever wonder what happened to the art of writing? So many people prefer texting, facetiming, or simply liking a status in order to keep in touch. One of my favorite things is receiving a hand-written letter. There is something so personal, genuine, and loving about someone taking time out of their day to send me a sweet handwritten note. I’m hoping to spend more time in the next few months taking time to send various people in my life sweet little notes. One thing that makes sending notes easier? Cute stationery! I wanted to share some of my current favorite sets.
Kate Spade // Linda & Harriett // Lime Green Rhinestones
I really, really love stationery. Something that make writing letters easier? Good coffee. I kind of have a mug problem. I buy too many mugs, and I have too many travel cups. I just really love mugs. Recently I discovered The Trendy Sparrow etsy shop, and I’m totally hooked. The mugs and travel mugs are so great!
il_570xN.670532191_lokpil_570xN.718395041_70ddil_570xN.711052162_9u40Any brand that carries items with Gossip Girl references or Gilmore Girls references is simply the best brand. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I typically hashtag photos #buildingmyempire. I am having a major internal debate about whether or not to add this mug to my collection. I recently ordered the travel mug edition of the Gilmore cup. I’m IN LOVE with it!

What are you favorite things right now?

Callie leigh

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