What’s In My Bag

Hello, World.

Something I absolutely love seeing is what people carry in their purses! I started carrying a bag consistently my first year of college. I like big bags, but I can never fill them, so when I got to college, and began taking BART and stuff, I thought it’d be easier to carry a small cross-body. I kind of like having a smaller purse because it ensures I’m not carrying unnecessary things. I thought it’d be fun to share with you roughly how little I carry in my bag. I usually carry more during spring in summer, but in fall, I hardly carry anything in my purse. The items below are the bare necessities, but in warmer months I will add sunglasses, a novel, and a mini sunscreen.
What's in my bag*This bag was found at a thrift store, and is seriously so soft and has great organization

Pen // I don’t go anywhere without a pen. Never know when inspiration will strike, or when you just need a pen. Ever gone on a group dinner date, and the cashier only gives your table of 10 a single pen to sign bills?

Fortunes // I eat way too much Chinese food. I guess you can call me a Gilmore at heart, but I almost always have a fortune in the bottom of my purse. I actually started a collection of them freshman year.

Hand lotion // I have dry skin, and I get especially dry hands in the winter time. This hand lotion is seriously the best. It absorbs quickly, has a citrus scent, and is small so it doesn’t take up a ton of room in my bag.

Hair ties // Sometimes my hair just refuses to do what I want it to, so up it goes. I also will put my hair up if I’m studying, so if I go off campus to study, I make sure to remember a hair tie.

Lipstick // I almost always carry a NARS nude, and MAC syrup. Both colors are my current favorites, and I feel like on days when I don’t feel super great, adding a little lipstick helps. You can never have too many lipsticks, and I’m a firm believer in keeping on in your bag at all times.

Chapstick // Burt’s Bees is an absolute must in winter months, and necessary in spring and summer too. I like the replenishing one because it’s a little tinted, and keeps my lips healthy.

Wallet // I adore my Michael Kors wallet (similar). It has a spot for my cell phone, carries all the cards I need, and has two area, one I keep cash in, and one I designated for receipts.

Keys // I have TONS of keys as a Resident Advisor, and I also carry my car key and pepper spray on my key chain. I used to joke about pepper spray, thinking I didn’t need it, but now I carry it just in case.

What’s in your bag?

Callie leigh

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