1st Week of Spring Classes 2015

Hello, World.

Today marks one week since spring semester started. This semester is going to be intense. I have a lot of big changes coming up. I also have to figure out my plan for this summer and senior year… SENIOR YEAR? Gosh, that’s a scary thought. I can’t believe in my concluding semester of junior year. It continually astounds me how quickly time flies. Anyway, I wanted to share a little summary of my first week of classes, because the first week is almost always the most exciting and interesting of a semester. Following the first week, things get a little monotonous.IMG_0037This semester I’m taking 3 upper-division English courses, and a seminar course. What does that mean? It means 30 books (plays, novels, readers, etc.). I’m basically going to be reading nonstop from now until May. I’m excited to read almost everything on my list, but it’s still a ton of books. I’m also trying to do an honors contract, which will add 3 novels, and I’m enrolled in a book club, which adds another 4. So all in all, by May I should read 37 novels. The first novel for book club is Gone Girl, which I’m super excited about! I’ve wanted to read it for a while now, and I’m excited because the book club is all about comparing novels to their movie adaptations. I’m interested to read and see both versions.

As for classes, I’m taking Studies in African American Lit, 20th Century American Lit, Shakespeare, and seminar. I’m perhaps most excited for African American Lit, with 20 Century lit a close second. I’m also excited for Shakespeare, but my professor was out for three out of the four meetings scheduled so far, so it’s hard to know how that class is going to go. Seminar, a class I’ve never particularly enjoyed, is actually going really well! I’m not intimidated to speak, my professor is great, and my class is overall just more welcoming and open than classes in the past. Participation is 50% of our grade, which can be stressful, but I feel more ready to speak, and more heard when I do speak. All of my professors this semester feel very fresh and seem really great. Being an English major at Saint Mary’s means that for a while I ended up with the same four professors teaching most the English classes I planned to take. I love those professors, but I’m so glad I’m getting the chance to have some fresh instructors who will have different takes on teaching, and who do things a little differently. Overall, I’m feeling confident and excited for this semester. Though I know I’ll be immeasurably busy, I feel that this semester will be one of growth and learning, both academically and professionally.

How’s spring semester going for you?

Callie leigh

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