My Go To Color

Hello, World.

You know when you go to a store, and they offer the same sweater or shirt in several shades, and you have trouble deciding which color to actually buy? You probably go through the typical thought process about which you’ll wear more, which will go with more, and which is likely to keep your interest longer. It’s always a bit difficult to decide, but I must admit, if it is offered in navy blue, I’ll buy it in navy blue. I’m all about the navy.
navy love
I love anything and everything navy. Navy blue is definitely my go to color when it comes to buying clothes. I just adore the versatility inherent in navy blue. I also love that it’s dark, but not black, and that it is also somewhat preppy and clean. Do you have a go to color? If so, what it is it? What is it about that color that draws you to it over others?

Callie leigh

2 thoughts on “My Go To Color

  1. Hi Callie!

    I’m trying to narrow down my wardrobe a bit and I’m just wondering how you picked your go-to color and if you have any advice for someone else picking theirs? Thanks!

    1. Hey Danielle!

      I picked my go-to color a little inadvertently. I noticed that a lot of my clothing was dark, lots of neutrals and basics. I’ve never been someone to wear tan or white, though, because I’m so pale anyway. I also don’t wear a lot of black because it’s a little too dark. I landed on navy because it’s not quite black, but it’s also dark, and neutral enough to go with a lot of other pieces. I would try to keep a lot of versatile and basic pieces, with a few more out there things. By keeping things that are fairly basic, it’s easier to build up your wardrobe, or wear things more frequently in different ways!

      Callie leigh

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