3 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Hello, World.

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut where I’m going through the motions of school, and my social life, and everything else, but I’m totally burnt out and can’t really get inspired. That’s why God created Pinterest, I suppose. Whenever I’m feeling a little down or unhappy or just generally uninspired why what’s going on in my life, I go on Pinterest for about an hour. I look at articles, I look at fitness routines, I look at travel ideas, and I look at recipes and outfits. After a while, I start feeling excited about things again, and I feel like I can accomplish more. I wanted to take a minute to share three of the things inspiring me today!
813e2f9e9326c3d88c653c0b2f718946This room! Something about white bedding, comfy throws, and black and white images feels so cozy! I love the look of this room, and would love to create something similar when I finally move into an apartment one day. I think there is something classy and fresh about all white bedding. It seems scary because its, you know, white, but it just looks so beautiful!
stay focused and extra sparkleyThis saying is seriously so inspiring! It seems so simple, and yet indicates so much about how I want to live my life. I want to attain my goals, and I want to be successful, and I feel like the sentiment that you should stay focused on those goals, but still be glamorous and happy and upbeat is really important!
1a6ce2279ce8e10e6bb681e126109147This outfit is so inspiring to me right now. There is such an effortless quality to this look, but it also has to classy and feminine touches I like. I also appreciate the green chord pants. They’re so perfect with their classic, preppy vibe. I also love the hair style. I told my sister last time I was home that she needs to teach me how to do my hair in more styles. I’m kind of incompetent when it comes to doing my hair. I have roughly three styles, but past that I’m totally incapable. Also, that is my dream handbag!

What’s currently inspiring you?

Callie leigh

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