Valentine’s Day Inspired

Hello, World.

It’s crazy that Valentine’s Day is next Saturday! If you’re like me, and kind of forgot, you may need to do some last minute shopping for your significant other or your friends who you want to show some love. I’ve compiled a little guide of things I think make great Valentine’s Day gifts, whether it is to the romantic someone or just a friend. I’m kind of a hopeless romantic, so I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. If you want to get your special someone a gift, make sure you add a little something extra to the traditional roses and chocolates. Some of these gifts are a little larger, and are more appropriate for a relationship that’s pretty well established. Others, though are totally appropriate for a new relationship!
Valentine's Gift Ideasa pink retro record player for the girl who loves music // a Kate Spade pink handbag for the girl that’s constantly on the go // an infinity necklace for the girl whose company you love // a pale pink camera for the girl who documents everything // a sweet perfume for the girl who loves spring // a knot bracelet for the girl who makes you tongue tied // an xoxo notepad for the girl who makes too many lists // a pair of diamond studs who is classy and elegant // a pair of Tory Burch flats for the girl starting a new job // a hot pink watch for the girl that’s always late // a pair of cozy socks for the girl who loves to read // a pale pink nail polish for the feminine girl // a hot pink phone case for the social media guru // a “find the silver lining” iPad cover for the girl who needs a little reassurance right now // an overnight bag for the adventurer // a pair of tortoise sunnies for the beach bum

I absolutely adore anything pink, so I always get a little excited for Valentine’s Day because it’s the one day where you can just be totally decked out in pink and red and it isn’t necessarily weird. Do you have anything fun planned for Valentine’s Day? I’m planning to go to a movie and dinner, which is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m a big movie person. One thing I would recommend for gift giving, is add a little homemade touch to whatever you give. If you buy the gift, hand make the card. If you make the gift, buy flowers and chocolates and a little card.

Callie leigh

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