J. Crew Plaid Mini

Hello, World.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good plaid mini for years. Ever since Gossip Girl preiemered and I was convined Blair Waldorf was some kind of fashion god, I needed a plaid mini. The funny thing is, though, plaid minis are hard to find. I’m a bit picky about the plaid, the color scheme, and the length. Then I was reading another blog (History in High Heels), and I saw this adorable red plaid mini. I was instantly in love. It was the perfect mix of colors, it was one I could see myself wearing, and it went with all the navy I have in my wardrobe. I immediately bought it from J. Crew factory, and waited for it to come. When it did, it was everything I could have wanted. Sure, it sounds a little ridiculous to be so excited about a skirt, but I finally found the right one! I also have a very weird insecurity about pencil skirt styles. I always feel like they make my mid-line look like the length of the a football field. This one, however, made me feel confident and preppy and cute.
IMG_2827J. Crew Plaid MiniJ. Crew Plaid MiniIMG_2840IMG_2834 sweater: J. Crew factory (similar) // skirt: J. Crew Factory // tights: Target // boots: Nordstrom // necklace: Kate Spade (outlet) // rings: Kate Spade
Kate Spade Necklace J. Crew Plaid MiniJ. Crew Plaid MiniIMG_2844IMG_2836

Callie leigh

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