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Hello, World.

I’m currently on Jan Term break, which is the week my college gets off in between January Term and Spring semester. I love this week off. I always feel SO motivated during this week because Jan Term is usually pretty chill, and I always get this weird reading bug when I get home. Halfway through Jan Term, my friend, Steven, came to visit and we went to this quaint little used bookstore near our college. I bought four books, and planned to read at least two over this break. I’m currently about a 100 pages into the first one, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. People, this books is SO good. Honestly, I haven’t been this into a book in a while. I started it at about 9pm last night, and read until about 12am. Then I had a morning with my sister, then read for a couple hours. While my reading has slowed a bit, I have the hardest time putting the book down.

IMG_5648I’ve seen this book everywhere recently, and a lot of people who have great taste in books have recommended it. I was hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, and I wasn’t sure the storyline was one I could really get into. But then I found it in the used bookstore for a few bucks, and decided to give it a try. I’m SO glad I did!

The novel follows Lou Clark, a 26-year-old woman desperate to find a new job after losing her job at a local cafe. Out of acute desperation, she takes a job as a bit of a “social caregiver” to a young quadriplegic. Lou is rather inexperienced, and hasn’t ever gone too far outside her comfort zone. Since I haven’t finished the novel, I’m not sure exactly where it goes, though I have a few guesses. Honestly, this book is making me think hard. It’s making me think about life–quality of life, especially. What I like about this novel is takes a person whose had all his opportunities stripped from him, and juxtaposes him to a young women filled with potential who is letting her life just pass on by. I’m excited to see where this goes. I recommend you pick up a copy of this novel next time you’re at the bookstore.

I’m going to go read more!

Callie leigh

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