Weekend Wears

Hello, World.

If you’re like me, the weekends are for lazy outfits that are comfy and great for running errands and studying. To say the least, I’m my most casual self on the weekends. On Sundays, especially, I throw my hair up or put a baseball cap on, my comfy jeans, and either a sweatshirt, over-sized sweater, or hoodie. Sundays, in my book, are the epitome of comfort. I tend to sleep in, have brunch, blog for a bit, and then end my day with a bit of homework. Sadly, when in college, Sundays are basically reserved for homework. So, I wanted to share one of my favorite weekend outfits today!
IMG_2766IMG_2787IMG_2769hat: Harding Lane // hoodie: Patagonia // jeans: Lucky Brand // boots: L.L. Bean // shirt: J. Crew //
This Patagonia hoodie is SO comfortable. I got it for Christmas, and I just love it. I usually wear it with leggings, boots, and a scarf, especially if I’m heading from class to yoga. I’m really excited to style this hat a little more preppy, too. Another Christmas gift that I want to keep mixing up. I really the needlepoint detailing.

Callie leigh

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