Hello, World.

Today is the last Sunday of January Term, which means a lot of SMC students are either recovering from a long weekend of celebrating, preparing to board a flight from Europe or Asia, or are simply enjoying the last Sunday of being as stress free as possible before another grueling semester begins. As for me? I spent most of today sleeping, lounging, and then brunching. Three of my friends and I went to this adorable little breakfast and lunch place in Lafayette called Millie’s. It is hands down one of the best brunch places in town. They also have great coffee, so I of course drank it.

I keep trying to start a brunch tradition with my friends because brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day, and I think it’s fun to take a little time each Sunday to hangout with friends and enjoy yourself. Far too many Sundays in college are spent enclosed in your dorm room with a pile of books, espresso, and tears. There is something about brunch that I just love. I’m not a huge lunch eater, so I prefer dinner or breakfast, but brunch is divine because you can get a big helping of some delicious meal, and not have to eat lunch!
Brunch is a great time to spend chatting with friends, reading the morning paper (if you’re alone), enjoying a steaming cup of coffee, and, most importantly, enjoying great food! There are a lot of great brunch places where I go to school, which is awesome because the place we go can change weekly. It’s also nice because we can try lots of different things, and find out which brunch meal is our favorite!

A lot of people have their favorite meal, and I used to think mine was dinner, but as I get older, I’m realizing brunch is truly my favorite. As I’ve become a bigger coffee drinker, and started liking eggs and such more, brunch is something I crave. No matter what I have for brunch, whether it’s Eggs Benedict, a scramble, or oatmeal, I’m always satisfied. So, I challenge you to get a group together, and go to brunch next Sunday! Just enjoy each others company, good coffee, and delicious food!

What’s you favorite meal of the day?

Callie leigh

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