Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Hello, World.

I cannot believe it is almost February! To be honest I didn’t really even realize that the holidays were actually over until I went to CVS, and all the displays were changed to red and pink hearts, How to Train Your Dragon 2 valentines, and lots of Hersey’s kisses. Valentine’s Day is always a point of contention for people. It’s a very polarizing holiday since single people seem to boycott, and people in relationships get all too excited. Regardless of your stance, it is a holiday, so you should celebrate! I’ve compiled a few outfits suited for three types of celebrations, so I wanted to share them with you! I’ll probably be in jeans and some kind of blouse or pajamas, but hey, some people have big plans!
Valentine's Day Dinner and a MovieIf you’re going to dinner and a movie (perhaps you’re in a new relationship), I suggest fitted jeans, a sultry little blouse, and fun pumps. This is still dressy enough to be romantic, but comfy enough to not be over the top. Movies that are coming out on V-Day? 50 Shades of Grey! It may be difficult to convince your guy to see it, but it may be a good choice for the day. ;)
Valentine's Day Fancy DinnerFor dinner at a nice restaurant, I suggest a cute little black dress, pink suede pumps, and a fun clutch. This is more formal, with a hint of romanticism, and has a sultry undertone. Simple, dainty gold jewelry is a perfect touch if you’re going to a nice dinner.
Valentine's Day Girl's NightAs for the singe ladies, a cute little dress, some pumps, and a simple clutch make for a great night out outfit. If you’re single, you can still have a great Valentine’s Day with the girls. Last Valentine’s Day, my friends and I went to the Vagina Monologues on campus, dinner, and then watched movies all night with WAY too much candy. It was basically the epitome of being single on V-Day, but it was still really fun.

Callie leigh

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