Home for the Holidays (2014)

Hello, World.

As I write this, I’m a little startled that is January 4, 2015 already. I can’t believe 2014 is gone, the holidays are over, and I’m already back at school. As I drove back to campus yesterday, I couldn’t help but think that break was SO nice. Honestly, I needed a serious reset after last semester, and break helped me do just that. I wanted to share some of my adventures from while I was home! I seriously enjoyed time with my family, as I always do. This break felt different than previous years, though. I felt older, and I wasn’t rushing to get back to school so I really soaked up time with the family!


IMG_5096IMG_5211IMG_5242IMG_5177IMG_5216IMG_5288Prior to Christmas, I wrapped gifts, watched Christmas movies next to our Christmas tree, and enjoyed too many cups of hot coco. I also got my nails done for the holidays because I am a firm believer that even your nails need the holiday spirit!


IMG_5292IMG_5293On Christmas Eve, my family always goes to my one of the aunt’s houses to celebrate with my mom’s side of the family. This year we went to my Aunt Kathy’s. The celebration was great, with lots of good food and plenty of laughter. My sister got my family ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters, though my dad didn’t really buy in to that whole idea (as seen above). Christmas morning was even better! We opened gifts, drank coffee, and then made eggs Benedict as is our tradition. I got so many great things! Honestly, I’m so blessed and so thankful to have the family I do.


IMG_5279IMG_5366This break I saw my close friends, Lindy and Rossy. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo with Rossy, but we did meet for coffee and that was lovely. These two girls are my oldest friends. I’ve been close with Lindy since 7th grade, and Rossy and I met in 9th grade. Lindy turned 21 this year, so I celebrated her birthday with her, and we also met for breakfast at Cafe Coda, exchanged gifts, and then got our hair done together because we happened to schedule appointments at my sister’s salon for the same time. She’s such a sweetheart, and I’m glad we’ve always stayed close!


IMG_5130 IMG_5108 IMG_5399IMG_5331My family is a bit of baby central lately! My cousin, Cameron, just had a beautiful baby girl named Carter, and my cousin, Chase, announced he and his fiance will be having a baby in May. Chase and his fiance had a gender reveal party, at which the family learned they are having a baby boy! So exciting! At all events with baby Carter, though, I tried to hold her because she’s just adorable. During the rest of break, I helped my sister plan her wedding! We met with her photographer, and then we went bridesmaid dress shopping. We also went to this awesome store that rents vintage and antique chinaware for weddings. My sister wants to do mixed china since she’s going for a more bohemian theme! All the wedding stuff was so fun, and I’m so excited for my sister to get married. The other thing I did with my sister was get sushi tacos! They sound weird, and definitely look weird too, but they are SOOO good!


IMG_5277 IMG_5383I went to Barnes and Noble a few times with my parents! I also started reading Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan, though truth be told I haven’t finished it yet. I started watching The Good Wife before break, and I got a little hooked, so my family watched up to season 5 with me! Yikes, that’s so much television compared to normal.


IMG_5412 IMG_5424As I’ve mentioned before, my family got this adorable puppy, Sophie. She’s kind of a crazy thing, but she’s also so sweet. There is nothing like puppy snuggles to welcome you home. She’s so cute, and she’s got some attitude! I loved spending time with her this break, and I’m going to miss her so much while I’m at school.

New Year’s Eve

IMG_5374On New Year’s Eve, my parents and I went to a cocktail party at my aunt’s house. It was fun, and we rang in 2015. My family’s never really done anything special to celebrate the new year, but this year was fun. I basically just drank sparkling cider and held baby Carter.


IMG_5356 IMG_5404As you probably noticed, I tried to do a lot of blogging and blog planning over break. During the school year it is so hard for me to sit down everyday and actually be able to devote time to this blog. I try really hard, but still manage to come up short now and again. Over break, I did the Blog Design e-couse from A Beautiful Mess, which taught me so much and made me really excited for what’s coming. I have so many ideas and plans, I just need to sit down with my friend who helps me with design, and brainstorm. Basically, though, I’m really excited to take this blog to the next level. Also, my sister got me the sign “Bloggers Gonna Blog,” a spin of Taylor Swift’s “Haters Gonna Hate,” and I love it SO much. Gold foil, sass, and blogging all in one? Yes, please!

And that basically wraps up my holiday break 2014! I’m so blessed, and I’m so rejuvenated to start 2015 with a bang! I hope you had or are having a great holiday break, too.

Callie leigh

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