Why Reading for Pleasure Is Important

Hello, World.

Since I’ve been on Christmas break, I’ve gone to Barnes and Noble a few times with my mom and dad. Being at Barnes and Noble is always a bittersweet time. I usually try really hard not to pick out too many books because then I get so excited to read everything and anything and I can. I was there earlier today, and I picked out Big Sur by Jack Kerouac, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, and The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton DiSclafani. All the novels sounded SO good, and my mom offered to buy me one of them, but I quickly said, “Oh, I’m going back to school, so I won’t have time to read them..” As soon as I said this, I sighed and became dismayed with this instinctual reaction. It always saddens me that I really don’t have enough time to read for pleasure during the school year. Usually, by the time I finish homework, cook dinner, and organize my email inbox, I’m too tired to read. This is really sad, since I used to read all the time, and always really enjoyed reading. Lately, though, I feel like I need to start making time to read more for pleasure.

I’m vowing to read for pleasure for at least 30 minutes a day. If this means I need to get up earlier or stay up later so be it. Reading for pleasure is so important! Reading in general is important, but learning how to really enjoy reading is important. I think taking the time each day to escape reality and enter another world and just be is highly valuable. Reading can be so rewarding, and I want to start taking the time to read for myself, and learn to love reading again. Sometimes I get so bogged down in reading for class that at the end of the day, I detest having to read anything. I vow to use my 30 minutes of rest each day to read! I’m hoping this will reconnect myself with reading, and I’m hoping it will ensure that I am growing my repertoire of read books. I made a challenge on Goodreads to read 45 books in 2015. I’m hoping that if I make time to read throughout the year this goal will be easily achievable.

I’m hoping you join me in devoting more time to reading for pleasure in 2015! Reading for pleasure can illuminate what you like, teach you lessons about so many things, reconnect you with the written word, and force you to get away from the little annoyances of life. Reading for pleasure can really enhance a person’s day. Sometimes taking the time to read for 30 minutes or so for yourself gives you time to just exist and be and enjoy yourself! Take the time to read for pleasure in 2015. Even as the temperature rises as spring arrives, curl up with a cup of coffee, and just enjoy reading!

Callie leigh

One thought on “Why Reading for Pleasure Is Important

  1. Wild was my favorite book I read in 2014 (and probably one of my favorite books period) and Me Before You is such an emotional roller coaster. Good look on your 45 books! I haven’t committed yet on Goodreads…I’m a little worried I won’t be able to fulfill a goal.

    Happy reading!

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