My Barbour Coat

Hello, World.

I have the tendency to wear all the clothes I get for Christmas for a full two-weeks after the holiday. I’m usually excited to wear them, I’m excited to try different ways of styling them, and I’m excited to have something new in my closet! This year I was blessed with some really amazing gifts. One gift I was totally not expecting at all that I received from my parents was my very first beadnell Barbour coat. I was totally shocked when I opened the coat on Christmas morning, but as soon as I realized the coat was mine, I immediately started thinking of ways to style it. The nice thing about Barbour, though, is it can be totally casual (like the outfit here), or be dressed up to look a little fancier. I’ve wanted the coat for a while, but I didn’t think I’d get it for years. I love this coat so much, though, and I imagine I’ll wear it in several posts in the future!
wearings: coat: Barbour // shirt: J. Crew Factory (Similar) // jeans: William Rast (really old) // boots: Frye // necklace: BaubleBar
IMG_2671IMG_2674IMG_2684My dad didn’t want to get me this coat because he said it doesn’t get cold enough where we live for this heavy duty of a jacket (although this might be his way of tricking me into thinking I wouldn’t be getting it for Christmas). He did have a point, but this winter I keep finding myself looking in my closet for a really good jacket, and coming up short. I’m excited to wear this through the rest of the cold season. Seriously, I love the rich olive color of this jacket, and I’m so happy my parents blessed me with it!

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