You Go Glenn Coco

Hello, World.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! I know I did. I just love spending time with my large, loud, and loving family. My sister got me the best gifts this year! Like honestly, I just love her so much, and I’m so thankful for the time she puts into picking out my gifts. She gave me several small gifts, all of which were divine. I plan to share what I got for Christmas later this week. This sweatshirt, though, is one of my absolute favorite articles of clothing I own [now]. I was SO excited to style it.
wearing: sweatshirt: Etsy (gift) // jeans: Gap Always Skinny // boots: Frye // necklace: Francesca’s // purse: vintage Coach (thrifted)
IMG_2658IMG_2662IMG_2659IMG_2658IMG_2654If you’ve never seen Mean Girls, you may not understand the reference on this sweatshirt. If you have seen the movie, however, you’ll know exactly what this is referring to. So, I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas this year, and I hope you gave some wonderful gifts. And, to wrap this post up: Glen Coco? Four for you, Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco! ;)

Callie leigh

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