Last Minute Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Hello, World.

Can you believe it is already the Friday before the week of Christmas? I can’t! But oh boy am I ready to celebrate my absolute favorite holiday. I went shopping today with my mom, and every store was completely packed and ridiculous. So many people wait until the last minute to do major shopping! It sure is stressful, in my opinion, to try to buy for all your loved ones when everyone else is also out shopping. However, if you do have a few last minute things to get, I have a few ideas for last minute stocking stuffers!
72dea43eb57565d08ac837e591112a97no crease hair ties // passport case // phone case // pom pom hat // classic book // journal // festive earrings // lip gloss // nice pajamas // portable phone charger // calming holiday candle // comfy slippers for the rest of winter

Stocking stuffers are fun because they’re smaller gifts, but they can still mean a ton to the person receiving them! I love giving gifts, and getting a bunch of small things for my loved ones is the best. Buying stocking stuffers is quite the ordeal in my family, since my mom still makes our family ‘believe’ in Santa. I’m 20 years old, and still put out milk and cookies! I love opening stockings on Christmas morning!

What do you stuff your stockings with?

Callie leigh

What do you think?

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