Bean Boots and Red Dresses

Hello, World.

I’m finally on Christmas break! I finished finals, and I survived my hardest and worst semester in college thus far. I’m so happy to be home, spending time with my family, cozying up by the fire, and drinking too much hot coco. One thing I love about being home is being able to spend time shopping with my mom, and actually taking the time to put together outfits. When I’m at school, I just have to throw something together because I’m usually tired and grumpy in the mornings (yes, it’s not the best time).
wearing: dress: Nordstrom (old, Anniversary Sale item) // tights:Francesca’s // boots: L.L. Bean // coat: Victoria’s Secret (old)
IMG_2594IMG_2603I really love Bean Boots and dresses. There is something so inherently preppy and wonderful about this look. I just adore it! I also have the best holiday nails right now! I really go all out during the holiday season, and I love this look.

What are you wearing lately?

Callie leigh

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