My Holiday Survival Kit

Hello, World.

I’m kind of a holiday fanatic. From about mid-November until about a week after New Year’s I can be found playing holiday music, watching Christmas movies, or sipping hot coco by the fire. I take the holiday season very seriously, but sometimes it’s hard to be as into the holidays as I want to be because I’m still in school. College finals can kind of put a damper on my level of holiday cheer since I’m constantly studying, writing papers, and keeping up with Resident Advisor tasks. While this time of the year is the happiest, it is also often the busiest for people. Even if you’re not in school right now, I’m sure the endless amount gift hunting, gift-wrapping, cooking, and planning also takes a pretty heavy toll. But do not fear, I have a few ways to cope with stress and survive the holiday season, and I wanted to share them with all of you!
My holiday surivial kit sponsored by man crates
Comfy knit sweaters | I’m a huge fan of oversized or fitted knit sweaters. There is something so comforting about a good sweater. Not only do you stay warm and cute, but also I feel like the essence of winter and the holidays can be found woven into sweaters. For holiday events, I would recommend a good Fair Isle sweater!

Michael Bublé is my jam for the holiday season. I usually play either his Christmas album on Spotify or his holiday Pandora station, which has a good mix of classics (like Frank Sinatra) and more contemporary (like Mariah Carey). So much holiday cheer! My mom and I adore holiday music, but my dad is a little more difficult. I’ve resorted to playing mainly Michael Bublé around him because he seems to be semi okay with Michael’s Christmas album.

When it starts raining right as I’m heading to class or heading to my family’s cabin, I always grab a cute beanie. This beanie has so much holiday spirit, and is so adorable I just can’t even express how much I love it.

I’m a firm believer that socks are one of the coziest parts of the holidays. My freshman year of college my friend gifted me an adorable pair of red socks that have little Christmas trees and buttons on them. I absolutely love them, and wear them every Christmas!

Every Christmas Eve, my mom lets our family open one gift, and it’s always a pair of holiday pajamas. It’s a bit of a joke actually because we always know what is in the box. My sister and I will start tearing the wrapping and ask each other, “What could this possibly be?” Then we laugh and finish opening the jammies before promptly changing into them. I adore cozy, festive pajamas.

A scented candle can make anywhere smell like the holidays! I feel like candles can really add to the holiday season. During Friendsgiving this year, my friend lit a really fall-scented candle, and it made the whole night more festive.

My mom and I still read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve even though I’m now 20 years old. Some may say it’s silly, and it is, but I love the tradition!

I basically live off of Chestnut Praline lattes this holiday season. Got to love Starbucks for always taking the holidays seriously, and for providing delicious caffeinated beverages to get through finals!

Speaking of finals, there’s no better study snack or reward than Ghirardelli peppermint squares. I eat far too many of these while studying, and then I of course continue eating them throughout the entire holiday season. SO good!

There you have my major items that get me through every hectic, but oh so jolly and merry holiday season. Something that also gets me through the holiday season not pictured? Quick holiday shopping solutions. Have you heard of this company, Man Crates? Well, if not, they’re awesome, and you should definitely check them out if you have some men to buy gifts for. Man Crates simplifies your life by combating the difficulties related to shopping for men. All of their amazing gifts are shipped in custom wooden crates that the man has to open with a crowbar! Take your pick among jerky, beer, grill, and many other crates to get a guy a gift he’ll thoroughly enjoy. I’m seriously considering getting my dad the Bacon crate (yes, an entire crate of bacon products)! He’d just love it. Again, if you haven’t heard of Man Crates, check them out!

Callie leigh

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