Tips for Giving the Dorm Holiday Cheer

Hello, World.

Today is December 1st, which means I’m officially in total holiday mode. Though if I’m being honest, I’ve been in holiday mode for almost a month. I absolutely adore the holidays. Sometimes its hard, though, to get into the holiday spirit when you’re living in a dorm. Sure, the dorm’s become your home, but it still doesn’t have the same amount of holiday cheer as most homes. I wanted to offer my favorite ways to give the dorm a little touch of home and a little holiday cheer to help get your through finals!
Giving the dorm holiday cheer and making it more like home1. Have a holiday mug to drink your morning coffee in! It’ll get you excited for the holidays, and it’ll allow you to feel a little more awake in the mornings because it’ll remind you of Christmas (the one day people tend to like mornings).

2. Drink hot coco! Nothing the says holiday cheer to me more than hot coco and marshmallows with a few chunks of crushed candy cane on top. Make some hot coco for you and your roommate while studying for finals!

3. Wear holiday pajamas to bed. Getting comfy AND feeling holiday cheer is a great combination, and one that’ll get you motivated because you’ll want the holiday break to get here sooner. When I have an end goal, like a break, I’m super productive because I want to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. A holiday scented plug-in is probably the quickest and easiest way to feel holiday ready. The aroma alone is enough to get me into the holiday spirit, and give me enough happy vibes to push through finals.

5. Hang some Christmas lights or little gingerbread lights in your room to create a calmer, more holiday-inspired environment in your room! This is one of my favorite things in dorm rooms because it gives such a cool atmosphere to the room!

6. Wear holiday slippers to keep your feet toasty and comfy as you steady into the wee hours of the morning!

7. Advent Calendars! I love these. Who doesn’t want a little piece of chocolate every day leading up to Christmas? Also, use them as inspiration to get work done. Finish a paper draft? Complete a study guide? Reward yourself for getting one step closer to an A in the class and Christmas!

8. Listen to holiday music! Holiday music is cheesy and great. I have a Pandora station of Michael Buble Holiday Music that I listen to nonstop from the end of Thanksgiving break until Christmas break.

9. Get matching stockings for you and your roommate! This makes it easy to exchange little gifts before heading to your hometowns for break, and is festive.

10. A small Christmas tree (Target has them!) can really make a dorm room feel like home. My roommate last year and I got a small tree and decorated it during one of our study breaks. It was super fun, and a tradition I would have kept going if she and I were still living together (I’m an RA and she’s abroad for the semester in London).

How do you make your dorm room more like home during the holidays?

Callie leigh

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