Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy the Men in Your Life

Hello, World.

Some people have serious difficulty shopping for men, however, I actually really like shopping for them. Whenever I’m dating someone, I seriously spoil them with gifts because I love buying them cute things. When I’m single, I still have to buy for my dad and my guy friends, so I still get to shop for men, and I have so much picking their gifts out. I think shopping for guys is more fun because it’s a little harder, and it’s not something I get to do frequently. Since I am a girl, I often shop for girly things, but picking things out for guys is completely new and uncharted territory! In light of my secret love for buying gifts for guys I’ve put together a few gift ideas for the men in your life, whether it’s you dad, your boyfriend, you fiance, your husband, your brother, your best guy friend, whoever!

864f9bf81527c941c9703a6b4e1ee356cozy holiday sweater // classic sunglasses // leather watch // phone case // wonderfully handsome cologne // plaid baseball cap // fancy shaving kit // Barbour coat // monogrammed flask // plaid scarf for cold nights // headphones for commuting or working out // monogrammed cuff links // nice umbrella // needlepoint belt // Italian loafers // bean boots // nice leather weekender

I think any of these gifts would be great options for men who are entering the professional world, who are currently in the professional world, or who you simply want to get something really nice and personal for!

What do you usually buy your boys?

Callie leigh

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