Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy the Best Friend

Hello, World.

It’s the time of year that most people either start planning holiday gifts, or if you’re really on top of things, the time that you start purchasing holiday gifts. I usually have a pretty specific order to how I buy gifts. I usually find something for my friends first, then my mom, then my sister, then I panic, and buy something for my dad. So, in light of this order, I thought it’d be fun to share my ideas, or go to items for buying gifts for my best friend. Buying gifts for my best friend(s) is always the best because I like getting them a basic gift that I give all my friends, and then another item that’s more personalized. I really love giving gifts, and I always love picking out items for each of my friends!

6c01750950de193dee967f459f49c4b0Puffer Vest // Monogram Earrings // Monogram Necklace // Classic Novel in Nice Edition // Cute Journal // iPhone Case // Crossbody bag (with a monogram for good measure) // Sweater // Comfy Socks // Hunter Rainboots // Riding Boots // Headphones // Naked Palette 1, 2, or 3 // A Mug to Fit Her Personality // Pretty Lipstick

I absolutely love buying gifts for my friends because it gives me an opportunity to buy something really awesome for them, and show my appreciation for having them in my life! I’m already thinking about what I’m getting each of my friends for the holiday, and it’s making me so giddy!

What do you like to buy your friends?

Callie leigh

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