My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hello, World.

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly searching for something to occupy your time between classes or while walking across campus? Sometimes I have a hard time finding something interesting, so I end up just looking at the countless articles that were recently shared on Facebook. One of things I’ve discovered lately to do, however, is a little less mind-numbing, but still a little passive. What is my secret, you ask? Look through my favorite Instagram accounts. While some may call this stalking, I beg the argument that it’s more of…looking through inspiring material. Sometimes looking through beautiful photographs just soothes my nerves, calms my stress level, and allows me to focus on something other than school and what I’m failing to accomplish. What are my favorite accounts? You’re about to find out!
Carly, of the College Prepster. Her photos are so vibrant, and always adorable. I just love her photos because they’re so pretty, and always have the best details.
Sarah Vickers, of Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Sarah’s photos are flawless. They have an old time feel, and seem so East Coast. For someone who desperately wants to live on the East Coast at some point, I just love seeing her fall photos from adventures in New England.
Kiel James Patrick, of Kiel James Patrick Brand. His photos, similar to Sarah’s, share the old time feel. I just love them. He also always advertises his new pieces on his instagram, which is always cool. When he advertised the Blair Waldorf bracelet I almost cried it was so cute!
Bess Pearson, of Belles In Bows. I just adore her Bess’s photos. They’re always so cute, especially near the holiday season. Her outfits are always so cute, so I like to look through her instagram when I have a second because I don’t always have enough time to read her posts, but I can at least look at the outfits before I sit down to read them.
Sydney of Summer Wind. I really like her photos because they always feel light, airy, and preppy. She always has a lot of navy, some monograms, and a little touch of pearls, which I always like.
Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess. Elsie’s life is so colorful, cheerful, and creative. I like looking through her Instagram, or seeing her photos on my feed because they always make my day a little brighter, or inspire me to start a creative project. I especially love her relationship with her sister…it’s so perfect!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Callie Leigh

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