Inbox Management

Hello, World.

You know what’s super stressful? When you open your inbox to 34 unread emails, and you don’t know where to start. Some of the emails are bound to be junk, some are important, but you’re scared that you’ll open them and then forget to respond, and some are emails you can just read and then move on from. Email management can be a somewhat daunting task, but sometimes it’s just about sitting down for a few hours, getting your inbox cleaned up, and then maintaining the cleanliness.

inbox managementI’ve compiled a little How-to cheat sheet for tackling your inbox, keeping it at 0, and feeling accomplished and like your business is done at the end of every day.

Forward all emails to your main email.

I have three email accounts: my old Gmail, my blog email, and my college email. Right now I forward all emails to my college email. This can be bothersome, but it is important to remember that you’re going to be filtering emails. This will keep all emails in one place, and ensure you’re not missing any important emails. It also reduces the hassle of checking three separate accounts everyday.

Filter Emails.

Try to apply a really strong, really great email filter. This will ensure that junk is being sent to the junk folder. You don’t want to open your email and have to sift through hundreds of promotional emails from your favorite stores to get to an email from a professor or employer.

Schedule a Time.

Whether it’s for fifteen minutes when you first wake up, or for thirty minutes before you go to bed, schedule a time each day when you overhaul the day’s emails. I prefer to check my email in the morning because this way I receive emails about classes being cancelled, deadlines changing, etc. I also am more likely to know about meetings or other RA things if I check in the morning. There is nothing worse than checking as I’m about to crawl into bed, and then I realize I missed a meeting (actually, I’ve never done this, but I imagine it’s terrible).

Star Emails.

So, I’m notorious for checking an email en route to class, then promptly forgetting to respond right away. If you have this issue, then welcome to my world! Want to know my biggest tool for combating this? Starring emails! If you star an email it marks it as read, but then adds it to your starred emails folder, where you can access those emails during your designated time and respond to them. Starring emails is seriously underrated. Also, by starring it, it will be ‘read,’ which keeps your inbox at 0.


Sometimes the retail stores, or jewelers, or whoever send too many dang emails in a day. If I get more than two emails from a company, I slowly begin to loathe them. I usually mark their emails as read, then delete them. I HATE getting many emails from one person. So, if you’re being bombarded by these emails, unsubscribe immediately. There is no need for this unnecessary clutter.

How do you keep your email looking glamorously organized?


Callie leigh

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