“If Only I Had…” Syndrome: Making the Most of Your Closet

Hello, World.

Each morning I got to my closet to pick out an outfit thinking I have every possible piece I could ever need, but then as I attempt to put together an outfit, I find myself thinking, “this would look better with (fill in item I don’t own)…” I love all the pieces I own, but I seem to always think that I need more clothing. That I need more necklaces or bracelets or just…something other than what I have. It’s super silly, and it’s really materialistic. So, I wanted to do a post on how to revamp old pieces, reinvent what your closet is saying about you, and how to make pieces look totally different.

if only I hadMe friends and I watched Clueless the other day, and it made me TOTALLY jealous of Cher’s closet. I wish I could go to my computer everyday, click on a Pinterest outfit, and then open my closet to find it waiting for me. Also, don’t we all wish we could be as glamorous as Blair Waldorf is everyday? I would love to know her idea of ‘casual.’ As for tips for reinventing pieces:

1) Pair unusually paired items. Have an adorable sweater and a cute dress? Throw the sweater over the dress and make it into a skirt/sweater outfit. Put tights under denim shorts and pair with an over sized sweater! Sometimes just changing the functionality of an item can really widen the spectrum of possibilities.

2) Add different accessories. You always wear a certain outfit the same? Maybe leave the clothing the same, but add a belt, new purse, and a statement necklace. Just changing the accessories can change an entire outfit.

3) Mix up Patterns. I am so guilty of refusing to mix patterns. I typically won’t mix patterns frequently because the whole idea freaks me out. However, sometimes if you mix patterns (like plaid and herringbone) it creates a totally new look you wouldn’t have realized you even liked.

4) Cut and Sew to change the piece. Sometimes you need to really change an item in order to keep in your closet. Have a pair of mom jeans that you just don’t wear anymore? Make new denim shorts!

5) Challenge Yourself to Not Repeat Outfits. This follows the “first in/last out” rule! When you wear something, put it in the back of your closet, and refuse to pull it out again until you’ve worn everything in front of it. Most people really only wear 20% of their closet on a regular basis. Force yourself to break this cycle!

6) Consult a Friend. Have a stylish, fun friend have a whack at your closet. Invite one of your girlfriends over, make some coffee, and have them put together outfits using your clothes. Chances are they will put together outfits you would never have even thought of. Luckily I have a built in stylist in my sister. She’s a great resource because her style is a little more funky and bohemian than mine, so she can put together some awesome outfits when she raids my rather mixed closet.

7) Develop Your Uniform. What do you wear the most? For me, it’s a plain tee and chinos with Salt Water sandals in the summer, and a sweater, vest, and dark skinnies with boots in the winter. Buy multiple of the items you wear all the time so you have many pieces that you know you’ll have no problem throwing into an outfit. Try not to buy tons of patterned pieces otherwise you’ll spend too much time trying to pair items in the mornings.

8) Weed out the items that you constantly put back in the closet. If you’re consistently pulling an item out of your closet only to put it back in your closet, maybe it’s time to part from the item. Once these items are gone it’ll be WAY easier to see exactly what you’re working with.

9) Create an Inspiration Board for your Closet. This board can by physical, as in a bulletin board or wall collage, or metal, as in a board on Pinterest. Regardless of method, create a board that contains images that inspire you. The board can be filled with images of your fashion icons, or colors, or patterns, or anything that really gets you excited for putting outfits together. Being excited will make you more willing to take the time to put together an amazing outfit!

How do you remix your closet?


Callie leigh

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