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Hello, World.

It’s that time of the week again, when I share a few things I’m currently loving. Last week was, quite literally, the week from Hell. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more swamped. On that note, I found comfort in the little things… which included the three items below!

44808d6ea76325f1445e8aedffac1d40My baseball cap obsession is reaching a new high… and the current hat I’m dying to add to my mini collection is this one from Harding Lane. Carly of the College Prepster wore it a few weeks ago, and I just adore it. The other hats from this company I love include a beautiful green hat and an American flag hat.

Guests-looked-excitement-Joe-kissed-CandiceCandice Accola got married to the Fray’s Joe King a few days ago! First of all, she’s part of The Vampire Diaries’ family, so naturally I love her. Second, she’s absolutely perfect, and her wedding was superb. Third, she’s stunning and she plays Caroline (one of my favorite girls on the show). Her wedding seemed magical, and I’m happy for her!

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_7gtvqoecxwcg4c80swg4c8s04_1280To add to my obsession of Shonda Rimes, I’m now completely hooked on How to Get Away with Murder. The show is absolutely insane, and while it probably bares little if any resemblance to actual law school, I just find it utterly fascinating. If you haven’t started watching I suggest you DVR the episodes, and binge watch until you’re caught up. Also, if my verbose description did not entice you… Viola Davis, Paris from Gilmore Girls, and Dean from Harry Potter star in the show. Enough said.


Callie leigh

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