5 Apps for Getting Stuff Done in College

Hello, World.

If you’re like me lately, you feel like it’s hard to keep up with all the things you have to do, and when you are finally caught up, you still feel like you should be doing more. It makes for a bit of a dramatic state, but alas, some people always feel like they could be doing more. Sometimes we need superhuman strength to get it all done…but we don’t have that, so we have to resort to the next best thing: organization. People often say, “but you’re so organized!” when I complain about being behind, and I laugh, and nod, and think, “it may look that way, but my organization is a little lacking these days.” However, I understand the basic sentiment of what these people are saying. Organization is half the battle to leading a successful, fruitful lifestyle. So, how do we Type-A people stay organized? One way we stay organized is through list-making and planning…which is made easier by the plethora of Apps that are designed for these purposes. I’m here to share five for staying organized, and getting shit done. 5 apps to get it all done1) Wonderlist. The satisfaction of checking something off of a to-do list is pretty much unparalleled. So, this app is pretty much the holy grail of list making tools. It’s easy, shareable, and pretty. Also, once you finish an item, it makes a ping noise as you remove it from the list. It’s basically social media for the productive person. You make a profile, and you can make several different lists, which you can then choose to share with people. The app also allows for conversations with people. It’s pretty phenomenal.

2) Remember the Milk. This is a to-do list app, but it is more specifically designed for tasks such as returning library books, grabbing certain supplies from the store, etc. Rather than academic tasks that need to be completed, this app is for items you need to do that you would otherwise forget.

3) PlannerPlus. This app helps you get organized in every aspect of life. It manages events, tasks, and notes. You can either view a week or a month ahead of your current week or month. This ensures you’re planning ahead, keeping track of upcoming deadlines, etc. You can also sort and track tasks by category, such as project, subtask, or status. If you add tasks, you can also add notes about those tasks to remind you why you’re doing it, when it needs to be done, etc. For example, if you have to get balloons for your club’s event, you can add a note about how many of each color, etc. This app also syncs between devices, making organization easily accessible wherever you are. There is either the Free version, or an $8.99 version.

4) Snap2PDF. I’ll begin by saying that this app is $1.99. It’s a little expensive, but also SUPER useful if you take tons of notes and have multiple classes or organizations. With this app you can capture tons of pages of material, and store it in an easily accessible, yet digital folder. The app converts your documents to searchable PDF files, and then you can share your files via the cloud or email. This app is awesome, especially for handouts you’ve taken notes on, or other notes that you want to download to your iPad and organize.

5) inClass. This app isn’t one that I use for sharing notes, simply because I don’t like sharing my notes. However, sharing notes between classmates is an option with this app. The app also accesses your schedule, making it easy to track assignments. This app also helps take and organize notes, and it helps organize tasks! This app is a bit of a combination app, which is why I added it to the list. I like being simple and organized, and sometimes having everything in a single app is better than tasks in one app, notes in another, final calendar somewhere else…you know.

What apps do you use to get stuff done in college?


Callie leigh

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