Fall Fashion Trends: The Fair Isle Sweater

Hello, World.

If you happened to see me at Christmas in the past few years, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas or Holiday sweaters. I spend months browsing for the perfect holiday sweater, and I get WAY too excited to wear the one I finally pick. I recently discovered, or rather re-discovered, the fair isle sweater…I’m in love. Sure, that’s probably a shallow thing to say, but I just love everything about this style sweater. It offers so much warmth, comfort, and, well, it just seems absolutely perfect for the season. I love how they have a bit of the holiday feel without being super in your face. They can be casual or worn to a festive gathering, and it’ll look perfect either way. I’ve compiled some of my favorite sweaters via Pinterest, and I just had to share!
So I’m currently coveting both of those ^ sweaters. I’m a huge navy, red, and white fan…call me patriotic. I just adore the color combo, and these sweaters feel like something I would wear constantly. Truth be told, they are both mens sweaters, but I don’t discriminate, so I’d glady take either. Unfortunately the bottom sweater is currently sold out a J. Crew, which means I’m probably going to aim to obtain the Brooks Brother sweater (top).
fair isle fall fashion 2
Sarah Vickers is probably the Queen of the fair isle sweater. Honestly, she can pull them off so well, and she has so many different variations of the style. I just love her sweaters, and her entire wardrobe really.
fair isle fall fashion
The College Prepster has the sweater on the left, and I just think it is so cute! It’s really outside my comfort zone as far as the general color combo and whatnot, but I think it’s just far enough outside that I’d like to try it! The sweater on the right is from Urban Outfitters (last year), and I love the mint. It’s a good mix between the preppy feel and the more urban (forgive me…) feel. It’s not quite as tailored, and can be styled off the shoulder(s). Also, it’s a little slouchy, which is always a good quality in a sweater.

What are your thoughts on the fair isle sweater?


Callie leigh

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