Fall Fashion Trend: Capes

Hello, World.

As you know, I’m a huge of fall fashion. I just love layering, and I love boots and sweaters. In all honesty, if I could wear boots or sweaters all year I would. I’m a huge fall person, and I think it’s because I hate being hot, I don’t tan I just burn, and I think wearing tops and shorts gets old. With fall fashion, you can add so much character to an outfit in all its layers. I thought it’d be fun to do a few posts about fall fashion trends I’m currently loving. The first trend I’m loving is…

7f90644778471d8721557596cf4bcde6The cape! I’m turning into a major coat person. I love peacoats, trench coats, etc. However, when I saw the cape starting to gain popularity, I just fell in love. The cape is so perfect! It has a classic feel with a modern edge. I just love this look!

27b8e282de67d44f69a85df3dcc1211c 8508cc5a033b6e95c4852c1b9ce16061This look is definitely one I hope to try this fall or winter! The cream cape is probably my favorite because I feel like it’d be the most versatile, and it just looks super warm and cozy. Okay… this post has made even more unhappy about the fact it’s still 75-90 degrees everyday. Hope you’re enjoying nice, cold weather. Happy Friday!


Callie leigh

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