Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Hello, World.

Guess what today is? Today is the day my favorite television show of all time re-enters the world. GILMORE GIRLS is on NETFLIX. This is not a drill, I repeat, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. I’m seriously so excited, especially because of all the awesome Gilmore-inspired stuff circulating social media right now. In honor of today, let’s look at a few Gilmore photos.

1410536231-tumblr_static_gilmore-girls-season-3-061 21d1a6cdd86ffd0654a995f9b75f8f9a1348064089_full rory+reading+a+book27092035229232215_TuXv7Qh2_c CoffeeIV school-GilmoreGirls-QuotesLet’s just take a moment to appreciate… Also, I had a woman I worked with this summer tell me I am Rory Gilmore, and I just about died. HUGE compliment. Anyway, goodnight, go watch Gilmore Girls!


Callie leigh

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