My Fall Favorites

Hello, World.

I’m pretty sure from my last few posts you probably know that fall is my favorite season. Well, if you didn’t know, the first day of fall is on Tuesday! It’s rather cold today, and I spent most my day at Starbucks doing homework that is due for my classes tomorrow. In light of the first day of favorite season coming soon, I thought i would share my absolute fall favorites.
9775d65021467f471e5c4217271b6621In autumn, I live for riding boots, chunky knit sweaters, pumpkin flavored beverages, pumpkin anything really, comfy socks, fall-inspired photo shoots, soft blankets, s’mores, deep colored nail polishes, deep lip color, scarves, most boots (but I REALLY want duck boots), and warm apple cider next to the fire while watching Gilmore Girls. If you think about it, most of Gilmore Girls takes place in the fall, which is probably why I adore the show so much! I just love it. It’s seriously the BEST. In high school, something I did religiously on Friday nights was I went to the football games. My college doesn’t have a football team, so I don’t go to football games anymore. I’m trying to get into a routine for Friday nights. Last fall my roommate and I hosted “Harry Potter Friday” where everyone who lived in our building would come to our room and watch one of the Harry Potter movies. It was a fun tradition, but my roommate from last year is currently in London, so we’re postponing the Harry Potter marathon until she returns. Maybe I’ll finally convince some of my friends to start watching Gilmore Girls, or just movies that take place in fall, who knows.

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

Callie leigh

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