Dorm Room: Junior Year

Hello, World.

I feel like I should apologize for lack of posts lately. I really like to spend a good amount of time on my blog, but for the past few weeks every time I feel like I have time to blog, something comes up. I’m starting to schedule some blog posts for the coming months, though, and I think having a rigid schedule will keep me more on track. I also plan to use Saturday mornings to pre-write posts so that even when I am a little busy during the week, I can still post. With that being said, I’m enjoying my junior year of college so much! I feel like I’ve grown, matured, and changed so much in the last two years. I’m really proud of who I am, where I am going, and all that lies ahead.
I know this is roughly a month late, but alas, I wanted to share my little corner of campus: my residence hall room! I love my space, and I love living alone, and I’m so blessed to be a resident advisor to such an amazing group of students!
Junior Year Dorm Room
My bedroom is the exact same size as my room my first year on campus, but instead of a roommate I have a kitchen! This year I tried to make my room feel as home-y as possible!
Junior Year Dorm RoomJunior Year Dorm RoomJunior Year Dorm RoomJunior Year Dorm RoomIMG_2476IMG_2475
So, there you have it! I’m really happy with how the room turned out. I got most of my stuff from World Market, and most of it is stuff I used last year. The wall of posters is a combination of, Etsy, and Printstagram. I tried to make my room feel a little more grown up, and a little less like I was living in on-campus housing. Not that I don’t love living on campus, but I wanted to feel like I had a space that was all mine on campus.

How do you decorate your dorm room?

Callie leigh

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